Mobile Massage Therapy is fast expanding and for a good reason. Although going to a Spa provides you with a nice experience of its own, receiving a massage in your own space offers something trully unique.

We're on your schedule!
Say you've been at work all day and want a Massage right after but do not want to take the time and energy to travel anywhere but your house! We will be waiting for you at your door step!

We help you relax where you're most comfortable!
Many people find it difficult to relax in an unfamiliar setting, the solution is receiving the service in your own comfort zone, where you can truly let go and unwind!

No driving after you receive your massage!
Often times, we downplay the stress of driving. A study done by Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Audi found driving a car can be as stress-inducing as skydiving! Think about that for a minute. Mobile massage allows you to continue to enjoy the benefits of your session long after we're gone!
It is worth noting that especially if a massage is received in the evening, some people may become drowsy and driving drowsy is not a risk worth taking!

We serve the home bound or folks who cannot drive!
If you've been injured or for whatever reason cannot drive, you have options! At SunState BodyWorks™ we come to you!