The purpose of a salt or sugar scrub treatment is to exfoliate a person’s skin, resulting in skin that looks and feels younger. By removing the top layer of skin, the remaining skin feels softer and adopts a “glowing” look. In addition to being used for beauty, salt glow treatments also help those suffering from a variety of diseases. Because the treatment opens the body’s blood vessels and aids in circulation, those who suffer from low blood pressure, epilepsy, chronic fatigue syndrome and many other conditions can benefit from occasional treatments.
Body Scrubs are done on a heated massage table, to prevent the client from getting cold and to aid in relaxation. Using heated water to wet each body area and apply the scrub in a semi-vigorous circular motion, toward the heart. This body treatment is done after the massage, after which the client may rinse themselves off in their shower. SunState BodyWorks™ places protective covering under the table to protect your flooring and is careful not to leave mess behind!